Let’s get training in life-saving.

The Union of Firefighters of Department 13 in partnership with the Mobisport Concept company have created the “Lifesaving bench” to combat premature death


panneau-Banc -qui-sauve
Défibrillateur G5

Option of defibrillator embedded in one of the armrests

Option of first aid kit embedded in the other armrest

According to the French Federation of Cardiology, 50,000 people die (135 people a day) prematurely every year from cardiac arrest.

  • 7 times out of 10, this death takes place in front of other people, fewer than 20% of whom know how to take action that could save the life.
  • After the November 2015 attacks, many French people expressed a desire to acquire lifesaving skills.
  • The “Adopt Lifesaving Behaviours” campaign was declared a National Great Cause in September 2016
  • To date, despite all the efforts made, the initial objective of training 80% of the population remains difficult to achieve.

In partnership with Mobispsort, this new concept calls for the self-education of citizens through this latest generation communicating urban furniture. This innovative process will enable a wider audience to be reached but will also target critical sites such as sports venues, schools, areas of high traffic density, shopping centres, airports, train stations, metros, etc.

Thus the “Lifesaving Bench” offers a very simple way to save a life while waiting for help to arrive, some times the most serious situations, using an external automatic defibrillator embedded in the armrest of the bench.

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